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Financial Independence through gardening and self reliance.

Playing catch up again!

We have been doing some work getting ready for our remodel project. So I haven’t posted in a few days. We have been working to get rid of many of the things in our house that we don’t use or need anymore. It is quite nice to get rid of some stuff! We did decide to have a date night because the DH wanted to see the new Starwars movie. Spending breakdown. January.. Read More

Another Day

Hello all! we made it through the weekend with only minimal spending and no going out to eat! WOOT! Spending for January 9th: $0 Total Spending for January: $763.81 Yoga is starting to slowly become a habit in my life. I am really enjoying the classes and have not yet missed a day! Days doing Yoga in January: 8!!!!

Playing Catch Up!

I missed out on a couple of days here! So we shall play catch up for the last few days. We went to one of our nephews birthday party and saw some family. We also had a couple of spending free days! So we are doing great! January 5th Spending: $0 January 6th Spending: $0 January 7th Spending: $133.71-We went to Costco for some groceries and dog food. We also stopped there for.. Read More

January 4th!

Another day of no purchases! The only expense for today was our mortgage payment which is awesomely low and will not change anytime soon. Total spent today:$598.90 Total spent in January:$630.10 Yoga continues to be a relaxing part of my day. The challenge is great because I don’t have to choose the next type of yoga and it is forcing me to do different types that I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. Days doing.. Read More

January 3rd

We have made it 3 days! Woohoo! We only had one purchase again yesterday. We went to the grocery store to get a few things we needed for the week. Total spent January 3rd: $26.41 Total spent January: $31.20 Yoga has also been going well. It has been difficult with a cold since there is lots of breathing involved. However, I have not yet missed a day and I do feel more relaxed! Days.. Read More

The Challenge Continues!

Day 2 went okay… I did a great yoga! So 2 days down 28 to go! I thought I had canceled my CBS subscription but apparently I didn’t. It has been canceled now! The only purchase for yesterday was that. Day spending total: $4.79 Month spending total: $4.79 Days doing yoga:2! Hopefully we can keep these good things up!

The First Day

Hello all! The first day of the year went amazingly. I said that I would list every dollar that we spend for the month of January so here is the start! Total Spent Yesterday: $0 Total Spent for the Month:$0 Woot! Nothing for the day! We are trying for as many days like that as possible to bring down the total that we spend for the month. The other challenge was Yoga. Which.. Read More

Happy New Year!

For the first day of my two challenges there is not much to report so I will use this post to outline my goals! The biggest goal is to do a major renovation on our house. We will be putting new siding, windows and doors on the outside of the house. Then we are planning on replacing most of the paneling and plaster in the house with drywall. We are also going to.. Read More

New Challenges!

I have decided to take a couple challenges starting in January! The plan on here is to post every day to chronicle our progress. The two challenges that I am going to take are the Frugalwoods Uber Frugal Month. Which can be found here. I am super excited to have a spending detox after the holidays and help work towards our goal of remodeling our house. For this challenge I am going to.. Read More

New Goals

So Its been some time since I have posted. I have neglected to write for really no good reason. I could say that life got in the way. I could say that I was tired. But in reality I was lazy and didn’t do the work. I have felt a little like that for a while. I have done all of this research about financial independence. I have thought about it so much… Read More